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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of images are permitted on join

Type Permitted / not permitted
Normal dress OK, (yes, sure, why not? )
Lingerie, bikini OK, (as at beach in summer)
Neckline OK, (as in a party-club or discotheque)
Covered topless Maybe, +18yo as at beach in summer (we remove it if sexually explicit)
Full topless NO, (we remove the photos)
Partial nudity NO, (we remove the photos)
Full nudity NO! (we remove the photos and ban your account)
Porn ABSOLUTELY NO!! (we remove photos, ban your accont and think if move legal action against you)

What kind of additional images are permitted after join?

After you has joined correctly with your own picture where whole face is displayed, you can add more photos in your profile, in your "Self description" or in your BLOG.
- If you add more pictures to your profile using "Your Pictures" from the "Member menu" at left, you have to respect the same rules of the first JOIN picture but without the obbligation to show your face.
- If you add more picture in your "Self description" field or in your BLOG using the online HTML visual editor, you can add images of whatever you want like: friends, couple, animals, cars and so on... but remember, no porn, adult, violent, racist, copyrighted or inadeguate material!

Can i add a picture of my boyfriend, dog, car, etcetera... ?

Yes you can, but only in your "Self description" field or BLOG using the online HTML visual editor.

Why were my pictures deleted or not approved?

There are a variety of reasons for a picture to be deleted:
1. You were not in the picture, or the picture is of you as a child.
2. The picture contained nudity (indecent - wearing less than a bathing suit).
3. The sex of the person in the picture does not match the sex you specified in your profile.
4. Picture has another website’s tag in it. Please upload the original image.
5. You have added some sort of obvious image program filter or effect (negative image is the most common).
6. Picture had excessive writing. Some writing is acceptable, like pointing out who you are in a picture, but please keep it short.
7. Advertisements for any products or services. If you would like to expose your product or service to the users please purchase a banner ad. They are affordable and help keep the site up and running.
8. Picture had a gun in, or a knife/blade being used in a threatening manner.
9. Your picture is copyrighted by someone else.

Pictures can NOT include the following without you also being in the picture: cars, animals, extremely zoomed in photos of body parts, friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, celebrities, inanimate objects.

These are just some of the reasons your picture may have been deleted. If your picture was deleted more than once please do not continue to upload it. If you feel your picture was unfairly deleted contact us.

Why i can't log-in after registration?

- Maybe you have not verified you account by clicking the link in your mailbox... Make sore you entered the correct address...
- Maybe your first image is not already approved... sometimes this can take some hours
- Maybe your first image was not approved cuz patently break our policy and the admins simply ignored you and deleted your account without notice.  

I think a picture is fake how do i report it?

Go to Forum >Fake Pictures >

  harlemgurl 8.66
  kirsti1214 7.97
  hottieme 7.85
  bpmcam 7.83
  0RiginalRach! 7.77

  frankie220 6.26
  babyboi_11 5.92
  ReaceMcdonnell 5.91
  0n3_lIf3 5.9
  surf2686 5.89